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being simple as it should be
more than enough to understand
like my permanent underwears

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well.. it's been a really long time since I've updated my blogger.

After I read my previous post, I felt complied to say that : We won the third place for Biodiversity. =D

Hmm.. I'm planning to really enjoy my June Holidays because after this, I know it'll be much more stressful. So I'm definitely not looking forward to it. D: Sigh.

Oh yeah, went to the zoo yesterday . =D It was super fun! ^^ Will blog about it in my actual blog. Seeya!♥

Monday, April 19, 2010

Biodiversity poem

Well~ Nothing much has been happening.. But the Scrabble competition on Saturday was fun. ^^

And.. as requested by ShirYee.. ;x This was written by me for our Biology project. ;x Perhaps I can improve it ? =D


The importance of diversity, like everyone knows,
is the hunting and killing of animals that lets it go.
The animals die, for the sake of us;
the lives sacrificed instead of us;
their souls are lost,
for the only beings
that kills and kills wherever they go.
Yes, that's right,
the animals die,
because of selfish beings that only wants to deny
the existence of caring for the pitiful lives,
helpless to protect, defend or stay alive.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I can't lose to myself.
But I am.
I'm losing, and I'm afraid.
And then I'm sad, and I'm crying.
And I can't stop myself from going further.
Finally, a way to use the lyrics, "Anijyo, it hurts a thousand times more."
Yet I'm not happy about it.
Calmed myself down, but it's a new cycle over again when I think of it.
Was is because of the panic attacks I had that created this outcome?
That even I studied so much more, they all came a blank all of a sudden?
That when I knew I had read it, that it was somewhere in the back of my mind, I still couldn't remember?
Even if I know it's only the first, I can't help it.
Even when logic and reasoning speaks to me, I can't help it.
It just feels like the end of it.
With turmoil running in my head,
I can't seem to stop crying.
The tears flow, unconsciously, yet I know I have to let it all out.
That as the tears drip, the deep feelings lift.
But even if it happens for an hour, with a little plus and minus,
it's not helping.

And then I'm crying all over again.

It's not working.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

White Day

It's been so long since I had last visited Quainte501. Am still browsing through it.. and I realised.. It is White Day today ! So..

Happy White Day! ;D

In case you don't know.. White Day is some kind of Valentines' Day in Korea .. except guys give the gifts this time and not girls. ;D

We should have this kind of dates, too~ It'll be so much fun. ;x


Today, I thought of the many possibilities and whether I really would want to try it. I guess it was really fated that the song "Here I Am" by No Secrets played when I was bathing. My phone was on shuffle mode, after all. It seemed to me like a wake up call, telling me to go for it, to show that I can do it.

But of course, the friends that assured me and encouraged me cannot be forgotten, too. So I thank ShirYee, and Hilsann. ;D Thank you so much~ For your words and your time. [ I don't know if you two will see this in my actual blog, so I had copied and pasted this here. ;D Perhaps you'll visit, right? ]

And then I've decided, perhaps I'll go and get on with it. ;D Though there are still many worries.. Like, why all the finalists of the 2009 batch look so old.. I'm worried it'll be too old for me, and I'll be like, the young one that dared. Hahaha. And I guess it is a necessity to wear glam. Hmm. Yes, I'm happy wearing super nice clothes, but will there be enough? Probably..

Truthfully, KyuJonggie and YoungSaenggie did participate in it when I re-watched their MTV CLASS UP of 2008. They told the audience to realise their dreams and believe in it. I was hoping it would help me, too. But not really..

It was only until the song played, after all. ;D Am super grateful, though. =] Perhaps I would make the trip there at a later date.. Since it's over 14 March, and I'll have to pay $15 either way. D:

Byee~ And thanks again, to that two great friends. ;D


Here I Am - No Secrets

Ever since I was a little girl
Ever since I took my first step and said my first hello (hello)
I've been dancing, I've been singing
I've been hoping, I've been dreaming, I've been praying
For a chance to show (show the world)
Show the world
That I can be
Just like the girls on T.V.

Here I am, here I am, here I am
Isn't it crazy, Isn't it wild
Here I am, here I am, here I am
Isn't it crazy, Now isn't it crazy
Here I am

Like a little voice inside my heart
Talking from the very start
Telling me which way to go
Always try, don't give up, if you want it never stop, take your time
If you want to show (show the world)
Show the world
That you can be
Just like the girls on t.v.

Here I am, here I am, here I am
Isn't it crazy, Isn't it wild
Here I am, here I am
Isn't it crazy, Now isn't it crazy
Here I am

feel the fire in me
Isn't it a little insane

here I am, here I am, here I am
here I am, here I am
here I am, here I am
Isn't it crazy

here I am, here I am, here I am
Isn't it crazy, Isn't it wild
here I am, here I am, here I am
Isn't it crazy, now isn't it crazy
here I am, here I am

Animals & Us Competition

Yup, what the title says. ;DD ShirYee, JiaJun and I went to Temasek Polytechnic for the Animals & Us Competition. It was really literally a competition, unlike the one we went to at Yishun Junior College. Oh, but the refreshments at YSJC was more than TP. LOL. XD

Anyway.. I have to say we had quite a lot of luck. XD The MCQs were mainly guessing, inferencing, and a teeny tiny bit of knowledge. Seriously. But it was fun nonetheless, and we won third place! ;D

Lucky us~

After that we went back home. ;x Did some stuff before I left house again to meet my mum at Kovan. ;x Walked around and I saw a sign that said something about a singing competition. I stared at it while waiting for my mum to get out of the toilet. =X I felt.. really tempted to go. And I really want to, too. *sigh*

Anyhoo.. after that we went to Compass Point.. Ate there and walked for some time before going home. ;D Reached around...10pm? *shrugs* Not really sure. ;D

So that's the end of the boring day~!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well.. had a nice talk chat with Miss Tan today, with ShirYee. ;D Haha. Soo.. now that I know she's reading my blog, I shan't fan-rant. HAHA. xD Hmm... Have to complete the essay on 'Silence' today.. and have to hand in the Chinese Situational Writing on Friday.. Hmm.. And a lot of holiday homework. Haha.

So I was going through my files.. Okay, to be exact, the folder that held all my stories. Haha. And.. hmm.. Opened a fanfic after another and I finally found something worth to post up! ;D

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."
-Jim Ryun

I used this as a topic for the fanfic. ;D I thought it was a good idea to start that one-shot. But I didn't dare to post it up except in my fan blog because I wasn't sure if I used the quote in the right way. D: Oh well. Haha.

AH! And I found the story that ShirYee and I wrote together! AHHAHAHA. But it's incomplete. We're like, halfway through the prologue and it's stopping there. LOL. What to do.. *sigh*. Written last year and hasn't touched it since.

Okay, believe me when I say my stories are dying.. Like, literally. D: So few are completed and.. Uggggggh.. Where has all my inspiration gone to?!?!